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Car ECU/ PCM computer testing

Here is procedure for Nissan Sunny/ Sentra 2004 ECU or PCM testing using oscilloscope. You can test and verify it using a DMM. By testing, you know better what is fault with ECU or PCM and how to repair one. Source PCBCart Firm Introduction PCBCart is a Chinese high quality electronic circuit board Fab, Assy […]

8x High Speed Circuit Board Assembly of 1000 + Pins

MrsC Builds a thousand pin circuit board in just over an hour, compressed to about 12 minutes. A specialty communication product manufactured and Designed by Loudoun Coummunications, Inc. Douglasville, GA Fancort Industries Flip Rack, Credits Builder — MrsC — Manufactured at Loudoun Communications loudouncomm.net Music Credits — Hot Butter — Popcorn Song – Tequila – […]

Using Blynk and Raspberry Pi to control an 8 port relay

Just a short tutorial on the finishing steps to control an 8 port relay with Blynk on your Raspberry Pi and smartphone. Check out the starter video n how to get the Pi ready for Blynk and Wiring Pi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJcYiSFiMY8 source Blynk Makes Creating Mobile Phone Applications to Power Arduino or Raspberry Pi Projects a […]