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ESP8266 Module – Blynk

In this ESP8266 video I show you how to get started with Blynk. Project Page: http://www.mrhobbytronics.com/esp8266-module-blynk/ Website: http://www.mrhobbytronics.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrHobbytronics Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrHobbytronics source Blynk Helps Make Developing Mobile Phone Applications to Power Arduino or Raspberry Pi Projects a tad More convenient For Both Android/iOS: In the event you would like to handle a Raspberry Pi […]

Temperature & Humidity Sensor DHT11 -Tutorial

This is for the DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor which was sent to me by ICStation. Check out more of my Arduino videos here: http://youtube.com/mkmeorg Subscribe for new videos every Monday and Friday! https://goo.gl/2qaJ2U This is a quick run through how easy it is to integrate this sensor into you Arduino project. Grand total about […]

Raspberry Pi reading a 0-10 V ultrasonic sensor (Monarco HAT)

Setup: Monarco HAT Raspberry Pi 2 7″ official Raspberry Pi display Ultrasonic distance sensor Banner S18UUA REX Control System runtime source Blynk Helps Make Creating Mobile Apps to Power Raspberry Pi or Arduino Projects a little bit Simpler For Both Android/iOS: If you desire to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected device from your […]

M54 detonation and rough idle caused by cheap eBay MAF sensor

The eBay sensor has a resistor and diode in place of the glass PCB found in the OEM part. Causes rough idle (stalled a few times) and loud pinging. My guess is it overestimates airflow, causing the ECU to inject more fuel than necessary. The old sensor reads 0 all the time, which means the […]