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Perfect PCB Assembly

Specifications: PCB: Base material: FR4 Layer count: four Board thickness: 1.6mm Copper thickness: 1oz Surface finish: HASL Soldermask color: green Dimensions: 130.4 x 149.46/2up SMT: Capacitance: 42 pieces Electric resistance: (0603) 45 pieces LED lamp: six pieces Video and interface unit: 20 pieces Diode and triode: 30 pieces IC: 20 pieces Primary competitive advantages: High-precision […]


Enthone Electronics Solutions Value. Environment. Reliability. Enthone Electronics Solutions provide value, reliability, and high functionality to a diversity of everyday electronics. Specifically, our environmentally friendly printed circuit board processes reduce water and energy consumption, decrease waste treatment, and enable reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers. Furthermore, our robust portfolio of lead-free PCB […]

PCB & PCB Assembly Fabrication

CKTPCB000145 Specifications: Layers: 4 Base material: FR4 Copper thickness: 1oz Board thickness: 1.0mm Min. hole size: 0.45mm Min. line width: 3 mils Min. line spacing: 3 mils Surface finishing: gold immersion Available specifications: Base materials: FR4, aluminum, FPC and copper Copper thickness: 0.5oz (minimum) Copper thickness: 4oz (minimum) Board thickness: 0.2mm (minimum) Board thickness: 3.2mm […]