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Chi Ming Electronics.is a professional Led Manufacturers and auto light manufacturers..

Chi Ming Electronics Corp. web site: http://led-manufacturer.chi-ming.com/ & http://www.chi-ming.com/ is a professional Led Manufacturers and auto light manufacturers in the line of car led light 、 auto led light and automotive lamp、home led、white led、led signal light、led spot lamp、 led day light、led side light、license plate lamp、indicator light、indicator led、dashboard light、fog light、head lamp、led automobile bulb、 household led light、Side […]

03-07 G35 coupe dual ring LED tail lights with tri function (production model)

Final video of completed G35 dual ring taillights with g2flips’s outer shroud . Exceeds OEM quality .Powered by Dual illumenator PWM/regs and DFC modules . 100% Plug n Play . 3 year warrantee . Both ring light up as marker/brake and also transform into turn signals . Rectangular led section canbe included also as well […]