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Flexible Circuit Technologies at IDTechEx Wearable USA

An interview with Flexible Circuit Technologies at the IDTechEx Wearable USA exhibition. Flexible Circuit Technologies is a designer and producer of flexible and rigid-flex circuits and a supplier of assembly services. For more information see http://www.flexiblecircuit.com/ and http://www.IDTechEx.com source JJS Stresses Requirement for Baking Prior to flex Circuit Assembly UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS […]

Jon Maddog Hall and Robert Wolff after the Linaro Opening Keynote

Robert Wolff of http://96boards.org/openhours and Jon “maddog” Hall talk about the opening keynote from Linaro Connect in Budapest #BUD17 (which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKzssz4tmZA). Check out maddog’s reaction to the on stage IoT demo, which used not only Cabon and Nitrogen IoT boards, but also the new Sensor Hub board. Robert and maddog also […]

Apache Ambari on ARM server

At Linaro Connect Budapest 2017, ARM and the Linaro LEG (Linaro Enterprise Group) team demonstrate Apache Ambari running on ARM servers. Apache Ambari is one of key Big Data components that provides an easy to use web interface to provision, manage and monitor Hadoop cluster and various other Big Data tools. In this demo Apache […]

Amlogic S912, Octa-core 64bit ARM Cortex-A53 with Mali-T830 GPU, 4K HDR, VP9

Amlogic S912 is their high end CPU with 64bit Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 with High performance OpenGL 3.1 3D GPU on ARM Mali-T830 GPU for higher performance gaming. Amlogic S912 supports 4K HDR including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, [email protected] 10bit video decode and picture in picture display, multi-format video playback including VP9, H.265 10-bit and […]

Koen Kooi talks about Kodi on ARM, V4L2, OpenCDM, EME for HTML5

Koen Kooi, release manager at Linaro, talks about wanting to watch Netflix from inside Kodi and the work going on to make that possible. This video was filmed at the Linaro Connect Budapest 2017. source DragonBoard 820c Is The World’s 1st Personal Computer Based On Snapdragon 820 Short Bytes: DragonBoard 820c is a highly effective […]

Keynote: Google joins Linaro as Club Member at Linaro Connect Budapest 2017

George Grey welcomes the 400 Linaro engineers and Connect attendees at the Budapest 2017 Linaro Connect, announces Google to join Linaro as Club Member (with access to all Linaro Segment Groups). Check back during this week for many 4K Interviews with the engineers at Linaro Connect, and also check back for the Live Streams here […]

Linaro shows Video Playback Verification with Robot framework and OpenCV

The Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) (https://www.linaro.org/groups/lhg/) recognizes the need for automated video testing software in Linaro’s automated validation architecture (LAVA). In LHG they have started looking at the open source Robot Framework generic test automation framework and OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision). The demo at Connect (BUD17) shows some of the first steps of […]

Socionext SC2A11 ARM Server SoC is 24-core ARM Cortex-A53

Socionext shows their new SC2A11 ARMv8 server SoC featuring 24 ARM Cortex-A53 cores and their SC2A20 Interconnect bridge. SC2A11 is a highly integrated low-power server system suitable for edge computing which processes data at the edge of the cloud in the IoT era. Large amount of data can be processed faster in memory by adopting […]

Linaro Android AOSP TV, making Android TV Boxes and Smart TVs better

Interview with the core team behind the Linaro’s AOSP TV project (read more: https://www.linaro.org/blog/lhg-releases-first-sample-android-aosp-tv-build-on-hikey/). The project lead Khasim Syed Mohammed and team members Show Liu and Vincent Chou demonstrate Android TV running on the 96Boards HiKey platform. The team shares the goals of the AOSP TV project, how it will benefit the SoC vendors, OEMs […]