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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Product introduction

This is a based on STM32F103C8T6 ARM chip core chip, has the following characteristics:
1, on board the most basic circuit based on MCU, such as crystal oscillator circuit, USB power management circuit and USB interface.
2, the core board leads to all the I / O port resources.
3, with SWD simulation debug download interface, the interface requires at least 3 lines to complete the debug download task, compared to the traditional JTAG debugging has many benefits, insert a sentence here, JTAG now have a lot to be eliminated trend, For example, ST M0 series of new MCU only retained the SWD debug interface, JTAG was canceled
4, the size is only the size of the traditional DIP40 package (such as AT89S52), has not yet found on Taobao smaller than the same specifications of the core board.
5, using the current Mirco USB smart phone interface, easy to use, can do USB communication and power supply.
6. For the problem that the STM32 RTC can not vibrate, we adopt the officially recommended low-load RTC crystal solution and use the Epson brand crystal instead of the cheap cylindrical crystal.
7, with a single row of high quality 1 * 40 / 2.54mm pitch pin to ensure good conductive contact, user-friendly core board placed on the standard board or breadboard. Header default is not welded, the user can choose according to their needs welding direction.

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