Since 1997, Expert Assembly Services (714) 258-8880 has become Southern California’s EMS Provider of Choice for Time-Critical, Complex Consign and Full-Turnkey PCB Assembly Assembly Services. EXPERTs seamless integration for all aspects of PCB Fab, Parts Procurement, and Assembly on a Fast-Turn schedule provides our customers the EXPERT Advantage. EXPERTs Southern California customer base of more than 100 OEM customers represent a wide range of end markets including aerospace, medical, dental, communications, defense, storage, entertainment, and networking. Source


PCBCart Firm Profile

PCBCart is a China outstanding PCB Fab, Assembling and elements sourcing services supplier. Since our creation in the year 2005, we’ve assisted many hundreds of technicians, clients and electronic lovers, from venture to educational organizations, to develop progressive applications that remodel their products and the industry in which they do the job. As being a customer-driven Printed Circuit Board Fab enterprise, we are dedicated to sticking to the most stringent quality specifications in Printed Circuit Board Fab and Assembling. We deliver our best to make sure our Printed Circuit Boards comply with and extend past specific specifications of every single one of our customers. Thus far, we’ve backed 1000s of world-wide gurus and engineers with our quality Printed Circuit Board. Along the way, we have created a robust track record of top quality, cut-throat pricing and on-time delivery.

A Broad Selection of Printed Circuit Board Service Options

We think that customers and their requirements are in the center of any prospering business. Because of this, we provide you with a selection of unique options and support services options to make certain customers’ needs are going to be satisfied. Our company has been working on this industry for a number of years, we are incredibly seasoned in all facets of Printed Circuit Board Fab and design. From fast prototyping , complete production, component kitting , complete turnkey Assembling to PCB design suggestions, you can depend on us to manufacture advanced circuit boards producers which fit your challenging requirements every step of the way.

Diverse Products to Be Right For You

Our assorted Fab capabilities enable us to deliver a full product range, like HDI Printed Circuit Board, High-Tg Printed Circuit Board, Thick Copper Printed Circuit Board, Halogen Printed Circuit Board as standard options, along with more specialist abilities like Flex Printed Circuit Board, Aluminum based Printed Circuit Board and also Rogers Printed Circuit Board. We are invested in providing high-quality products at a affordable price. Having gathered a decade experience in the industry, we know the significant role that PSC components play in the performance of a product. Because of this we consistently renovate our production lines to maximize our expertise and the accuracy. You may quote for your made to order circuit boards Fab using our web-based Printed Circuit Board Price Calculator and see how we can assist at this moment!

We appreciate your affinity for PCBCart. When you need to know more details about what specifically our services and capabilities are, feel free to reach out to us by

e-mail [email protected]
give us a call +86-571-87013819.


iFast PCB Fab

iFastPCB is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) producer offering up a turnkey solution to all the electronic assembly and low-volume orders. Our professional services comprise of speedy PCB Prototyping, PCB fabricating, and moreover assembly. Being among the major China-based PCB manufacturers, we strive to deliver top of the line services to our customers..

Our essential value has been maintained by honesty, diligence and a team of qualified specialists. We try to serve our customers with top-notch services and reliable outcomes; and just for this we are wanting to do all the possible efforts.

Viewing the following PCB fabricating features, and get cost-free a quote without enrollment over the internet, our group is accessible for private consultation on your PCB wants.

What you can expect at iFastPCB:

PCB Fab Financial benefits

Buy your printed circuit boards coming from the Chinese PCB facility. We have been delivering PCB for ages. due to the enhanced information technology, we’ve built powerful ERP system which pretty enhances the PCB fabricating productivity, causing us to be capable to present considerably great value PCB boards without wrecking the customer’s budget.

Good Turnaround

Single-sided and 2 layers PCB prototypes, we will deliver to you in just 48 hrs. Moreover, the turn-around time depend on the amount and layer count.

Impressive Client Support
Difficulties or requests, we get back to you in One business day. Our client support staff will get a handle on the your messages as fast as possible.

PCB Fab Source

iFastPCB is the turnkey solution to all the PCB prototyping and fabricating specs. Located within China Shenzhen, you can expect the just about all sorts of sophisticated PCB engineering and PCB prototype services. The Prototype PCB made by us is supposed for high consistency and precision. Supported by our PCB capabilities, our PCBs are in the position to work under intense types of conditions. The data formats supported are: Gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc, .cam.

Move on with uploading your PCB design file and get a no-cost quote on the internet. you should turn the PCB file in to one of the acceptable formats before you decide to submit it for price quote.

Get in Contact with Us

If you’ve got any queries or only require our technical support, please don’t hesitate to send us a message our mailbox [email protected], or simply call us today +86-755-23091058


ALLPCB Network

ALLPCB is the first overseas on-line platform with PCB prototyping and small-volume PCB manufacturing services.
After 2013, ALLPCB has long been making an effort to deliver the most cost-effective PCB manufacturing service and present multinational SMEs with complete PCB design process and tech support from “Prototype to Production”. To attain a quick response to customers’ requires, we now have released a highly-effective service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, support services and rapid reply to complaints lead to our leading place in PCB world.

ALLPCB benefits from unique resources in several elements:

1. PCB manufacturers

In excess of 100 China-based PCB manufacturers have moved into ALLPCB manufacturer group, offering up 1 To 30 layers boards for PCB prototyping and small-volume PCB manufacturing. They feature multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The most effective lead time might be within just A day. All of the PCB manufacturer associates have approved our strict on-spot evaluation by competent auditors regarding the environment, devices, raw materials, accreditations and management. All of the examination information are wide open and transparent on line, to ensure the manufacture capability credibility of each PCB manufacturer.

2. Components

ALLPCB works with over 30 celebrated components dealers, presenting upwards of 5 , 000, 000 electronic components in store. As many as 95% orders will be certain to be delivered within the same day.

3. PCB Assembly

ALLPCB works with upwards of 10 PCBA manufacturers with the power of prototype and small-volume manufacture within 2 To 3 days. And the pass rate of finished products reaches up to 99.9%.
ALLPCB has a efficient team with 100+ client support members and experts . We furnish 24/7 service for overseas clients using e-mail message, phone number and live chat.
“Manufactured in China, Favorite among the world” is the aim of ALLPCB nowadays. ALLPCB definitely will attempt to realize the change from”Manufactured in China” to”Manufactured in the globe”, making the growth of multinational SMEs quite easy and delivering the human beings much better living by means of modern technology!

Get in Contact with Us

Address: 12F,West #2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, #71-8 ShiXiang Rd,XiaCheng District, Hangzhou City, China
Email : [email protected]


HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Ltd.

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Ltd. is a qualified professional manufacturer for 2-26 layers PCB board. We concentrate on quick-turn PCB board prototyping, small to medium volume PCB board and PCB board assembly. Set up in 2009, headquartered in Shenzhen , China, with in excess of 408 experienced workers and cutting-edge devices, we are now in the position to reach 20 thousand sqms outcome every month.

Our firm are authorized by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL certification as well as RoHS compliance. Our products are significantly utilized in telephony, industrial control, power electronics, medical-related products, security and safety electronics, consumer electronics, LED lighting, and so on. Greater than 80Per-cent of our boards are released to European Union, The USA, Canada, South America, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East and so forth. For the ease of buyers, now we have made available one stop services bringing in bare PCB board fabrication, PCB board assembly, FPC and Stencil for more than 2,000 buyers globally.

We take great pride in allowing high quality, competitively priced prices, top-notch service in addition to prompt shipment. We enjoy doing the job together with buyers to form a win-win alliance.

Business Overview
We joined in Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany.
We have presented qualified PCB board manufacturing & PCB board assembly services for upwards of 2,000 buyers.

We showed up at HK Global Sources Electronics Fair.
We did start to provide Flex and Rigid-flex PCB board.
We brought in ERP software.

We We were accepted ISO14001.
We did start to manufacture 26 layers PCB board.

We did start to supply PCB board assembly and Stencil.
We were prized as a harmonious labor relations business venture.

We were accepted by ISO9001.
We enrolled in Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

We won UL certification.
We registered CPCA (or : China Printed Circuit Association).

We attained RoHS accreditation.

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited was set up in Shenzhen, China

Get in Contact with Us

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Yitong Technology Shenzhen Co.,Limited

Home office: Room # 208~215, Zhifu Building, Pengda Rd, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen , China Facility Address : Penglianjia Technology Park, Shibi Village, Pingdi St Office, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen , China

TEL : +86 755 83393378
Telefax : +86 755 83422990
Promoting director Email : [email protected]

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