This is a detailed review of The Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones.
Very good quality for a great price
*EDIT * $99 Was a launch promo price, they actually retail at $149.99 which is still great value.

They are bluetooth and wired closed back headphones with a very long battery life, stated at 50 hours. We compare them to various other headphones including (slightly unfairly!) Sennheiser HD600 and HD800.

We recieved these free for review, but these are our honest and unbiased opinions.

Noontec say:

Whether in the studio or on the go, noontec’s Hammo Wireless headphones set the standard for everybody who works with sound – from broadcast and recording studios to audio enthusiasts. With very low distortion, uncompromising quality, and crystal clear wireless sound, these headphones are ideal for technical listening spaces, DJ monitoring, and sound mixing tasks in the studio environment. At the same time, audiophiles can take all these features with them into the street.

Unmatched audio and build quality

Three years development has been invested into noontec’s celebrated design formula, and the end-result is the pioneering Hammo Wireless model. As for the exceptional engineering, versatile design, and high-fidelity sound involved, we recognise that the model offers general consumers, audiophiles, and sound professionals alike with an unmatched audio and build quality.

A natural listening experience

Designed to deliver an accurate sound reproduction, neutrality, and a rich sense of immediacy in the recording studio, noontec’s Hammo Wireless headphones are essential for the true sound professional. Capitalising on SCCB, a unique cavity design technique developed by noontec’s team of electronics design engineers, these headphones provide the wide and flat frequency response needed for a high-fidelity sound.

The audiophile’s dream

For anybody who powers their life through music, perfectly balanced sound is a must. With unique Votrik HD500 50mm extra size drivers, the Hammo Wireless model guarantees a premium audio performance with a flat frequency response (width of up to 26kHz), minimal distortion, neutrality, and accuracy. The bass response is deep and realistic, the mid straight-flat and smooth, and the treble clean and crystalline.


We all want to move when listening to music, so the Hammo Wireless model lets you do just that. While sound professionals can use wired mode to get the optimum lossless sound, personal listeners can enjoy music as they like without the constraints of a wire.

The best battery life available – By far

You’ve probably heard that wireless headphones never stray far from the charger. Not ours. Hammo Wireless takes advantage of low-power consumption technology and a large-capacity rechargeable battery to provide up to 50 hours of life. That’s enough to go around the world on a single charge.

As comfortable as first class

After measuring countless ears, noontec’s team of electronics design engineers has produced one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones in the industry. With ergonomic headband architecture, an exceptionally lightweight build, and handcrafted leather earcups, Hammo Wireless is designed for the longest listening sessions.


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