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DO Intelligent Technology Co., Limited

Shenzhen DO Intelligent Technology Co., Limited (in short for “DO Technology”), is a best global wearable gadget solution provider with its private manufacturing plant. The R&D teams built in the year 2012. Our products have been made available to around 20 countries.

At least 35 R&D engineers are specializing in researching and creating step pedometer algorithm, sleep algorithm, heartrate algorithm, and the like. Moreover, outstanding automatic manufacturing unit were invested in production. As the modernized solution provider and manufacturer, we have advanced technology, strong design talent, fully trained workforce and expert quality control, which assure rapid shipment.

A couple of impartial R&D invention patents were given by developing a couple of APP with success. All of the merchandise has complied with CE, RoHS, FCC standards. We do OEM and ODM solutions for smart wearable products – ID & MD design, hardware, firmware and APP development to watch and fix your health issues.


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Shenzhen DO Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd.
Location: 11th Floor, 3# Building, Guole Tech Park, Lirong Road, Dalang, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China
Contact Tel: +86-755-61903950 +86-755-61903952


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