LCD protective glass, mobile phone protection, protection film

This company consists largely of Mechanical Division and Coater Division.
The Mechanical Division owns general-purpose machine tools, including MCT #26, MCT #6.5, MCT #6, CNC lathe, and cylindrical/surface grinders. A worldclass company specializing in manufacturing capable of making the large frames and other components necessary for the assembly of converting machines, the company works with its parent company Protem Co., Ltd. and many other partners, and has recently focused on manufacturing products for military applications.

Launched in 2009, the Coater Division is responsible for test coatings as required by the clients of parent company Protem Co., Ltd. and for pilot production and equipment testing before the clients order equipment. This process has drastically increased the percentage of orders.

At the request of a Chinese buyer, the company has recently manufactured liquid crystal protection films, Clear HC and Anti-Glare Film, and functional film Anti-Reflection Film and started exporting all of them to China.


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