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Dynamic heart rate monitoring
Continuously monitor the heart rate, then check its graphical chart by the APP, more accurate data will be given. Of course, you can also turn off the dynamic heart rate function to save power. Set a heart rate range, if your current heart rate beyond this range, the band will vibrate and begin warning.
Automatically identify the sports state
Cubot S1 equipped with six-axis algorithm sensor, which can automatically identify walking,running,riding,climbing these four states. meanwhile , the relevant data of accurate running miles, dynamic heart rate, and calories consumption
Air pressure / temperature monitoring
Cubot S1 can detect the air pressure and temperature, easy to check up on every once in a while,
Sleep quality monitoring and alarm clock
How long you are in light sleep and deep sleep, Cubot S1will monitor the data and feedback your sleep quality.You like Cubot S1 alarm clock reminder, it gently vibrates, from weak to strong, like the call of the mother, you wake up naturally every morning
All-day sports tracking
The new six-axis sensor is intelligent to remove the invalid steps, you get more accurate steps. by identifying different patterns of motion to calculate the consumed calories.

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