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Cobra is the world’s most modern SMT pick-and-place machine with an extraordinary large feeder capacity (240 intelligent feeders pickable from all four sides) – developed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality criteria. Cobra is the first SMT pick-and-place system that combines the advantages of a highly flexible pick-and-place with the throughput of an 8-axes placer. State-of-art-material and its unique overall accuracy ensure highly efficient and economical SMT manufacturing.

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JJS Stresses Necessity for Baking Prior to flex Printed Circuit Assembly

England-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS corporation which centers on end-to-end purchasing, manufacturing (Electronic Board assembly, box build, cabinet, electro-mechanical) and supply chain solutions. The enterprise supplies elaborate, greatly configurable, low-to-medium-volume industrial electronics products across a wide range of market sectors for example, industrial automation, process control, test and measurement, and lab technology.

Editor Stephen Las Marias chatted with Russell Poppe, manager of technology, concerning the concerns of coping with flex circuit assemblies and provides means to handle them.

Stephen Las Marias: From your experience, what are the principal challenges in flex circuit assembly?

Russell Poppe: From an assembly perspective, baking the flex circuits prior to manufacturing assembly is very important because they can be at the mercy of delamination. Then again, baking any Electronic Board in advance of manufacturing is best practice and something we usually do at JJS.

One of the largest challenges in flex circuit assembly is ensuring that the circuits remain flat, particularly through the printing and pick-and-place steps. The parts of the circuit demanding SMT placement need to have an FR-4 stiffener designed in underneath; however, it’s important to work with the Electronic Board supplier in the beginning. Getting the panelization right is necessary so that the boards don’t bend when the parts are put or when they undergo reflow. Panel design could be a difficult task as flex circuits in many cases are odd shapes! It might additionally be essential to have a custom carrier or pallet to hold the flex circuits in place through the process; nonetheless, these carry extra costs-commonly some hundred pounds each.

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