Monthly Archives: May 2017 Circuit board processing AD35 Circuit board processing AD35 source JJS Emphasizes Necessity for Baking Prior to flexible Printed Circuit Assembly Britain-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS enterprise which focuses primarily on end-to-end purchasing, manufacture (Circuit Board assembly, box build, cabinet, electro-mechanical) and supply chain solutions. The corporation supplies sophisticated, greatly configurable, low-to-medium-volume industrial electronics products across a wide […]

Flex Circuit Coverlay Options

Tara Dunn and Elizabeth Foradori of Omni PCB sit down to discuss flexible circuit coverlay options and design tips for both polyimide coverlay and liquid photoimageable coverlay. For further info, they can be reached at source JJS Highlights Significance of Baking Prior to flex Printed Circuit Assembly UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS company […]

RayMing pcb manufacture circuit boards PTH production line

RayMing is one of the best PCB suppliers offers PCB fabrication services for standard PCBs and custom PCBs, such as normal FR4, thick copper, high-Tg, halogen-free, HDI PCBs, etc. We also have a range of features available for your custom printed circuit board such as impedance control, gold fingers, blind/buried microvias, peelable solder mask, […]

Kicad tutorial 4 – PCB etching and soldering

In this part I am preparing for PCB fabrication. I’m covering toner transfer and solder resist layer applying. At the end I am soldering all components in place Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: source