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CATIA V6 | Electronics & Circuit Board Design (PCB) | Integrated ECAD & MCAD collaboration

More information at: http://www.3ds.com/products-services/catia/capabilities/mechanical-engineering/electrical-design/ Now Electrical and Mechanical CAD can collaborate dramatically better with a new automatic design change management tool in CATIA V6. CATIA Circuit Board Design allows a flexible update monitoring of the physical mock-up of a board assembly with a real-time visual feedback. CATIA V6 | Electronics Circuit Board Design (PCB)| Integrated […]

What will Circuit Boards Be Like in the Future?

What will Circuit Boards BeLike in the Future? Complication and miniaturization have drastically impacted computing these very last years. It’s just about hard to conceive of a time when computers once took up complete rooms. Current computers can take no more space than the palm of a hand. Nevertheless it was once argued that circuit […]