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Flex Circuit Coverlay Options

Tara Dunn and Elizabeth Foradori of Omni PCB sit down to discuss flexible circuit coverlay options and design tips for both polyimide coverlay and liquid photoimageable coverlay. For further info, they can be reached at source JJS Highlights Significance of Baking Prior to flex Printed Circuit Assembly UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS company […]

RayMing pcb manufacture circuit boards PTH production line

RayMing is one of the best PCB suppliers offers PCB fabrication services for standard PCBs and custom PCBs, such as normal FR4, thick copper, high-Tg, halogen-free, HDI PCBs, etc. We also have a range of features available for your custom printed circuit board such as impedance control, gold fingers, blind/buried microvias, peelable solder mask, […]

Flexible circuit board manufacturer —Xiamen Bolion Tech. Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen Bolion Tech Co. has been manufacturing Flexible Circuit Boards since 2003. Our company provides High Quality and Quick-turn products in small to medium volumes. Supported by the addition of ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive) certifications in recent years, Bolion has successfully transitioned into a manufacturer specializing in Ultra-High Quality Flexible and […]

Printed Circuit Board and LED Assembly

Located in Holland, MI, EBW Electronics is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies. EBW Electronics fulfills all electronic manufacturing needs by offering tailor made solutions though all phases of electronic design, product development, production and assembly. Visit for more information on PCBA design and manufacturing. source JJS Stresses Requirement for […]

[JOB] PCB Manufacturing Engineer | Printed Circuit Board – Miami, FL

Click here to view and apply for this job: Miami, Florida location; salary – $60,000 to $80,000 DOE Job details: The employer specializes in manufacture and distribution of printed circuit boards for a variety of applications, including — automotive, industrial, lighting, security systems, and other niche application areas. Utilizing state-of-the-art factories in South China […]

Professional SMT Soldering: Hand Soldering Techniques – Surface Mount

Professional techniques for multi-lead hand soldering to IPC class 3 criteria. (612) 205-8609. John Gammell, Master IPC Trainer. STC on Facebook: source JJS Emphasizes Need for Baking Prior to flexible Circuit Assembly Britain-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS firm which makes a speciality of end-to-end procurement, manufacturing (Circuit Card assembly, box build, cabinet, […]

smd assembly line – in action

fully automated smd assembly line, places about 20 to 30 000 cps an hour; in about 20 years the japanese manufacturer Juki has become world leader in flexible SMD assembly robots, our machines work in 3 shifts, a team of 20 experienced and skilled operators let them go all around the clock source JJS Highlights […]

Flexible circuit board

Top flexible circuit manufacturer in CALIFORNIA is providing the best flex circuit technology through the latest and improved methodologies that is currently prevailing the world of flex circuit boards. For further details, visit, Website: source JJS Stresses Requirement for Baking Prior to flex Circuit Assembly UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS firm which focuses […]

Flexible and Transparent PCB

Flexible and Transparent PCB …………………………………………………………… PCB flexible et transparente Flexible und transparente Leiterplatte مرنة وشفافة بب 靈活透明PCB Flexibele en transparante printplaat 柔軟で透明なPCB PCB flexible y transparente Гибкая и прозрачная печатная плата source JJS Highlights Necessity for Baking Prior to flex Circuit Assembly UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS enterprise that makes a speciality of end-to-end […]

Würth Elektronik explains the manufacturing process of a multilayer circuit board

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology explains in this movie the manufacturing process of a multilayer circuit board. Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology specializes in small to medium-sized orders for printed circuit boards in all standard surface finishes. We currently employ over 1,000 staff, the majority of whom work at three German production sites. Every day […]