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Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones Review

Amazon US Link (Affiliate): Amazon UK Link (Affiliate): I decided to take a look at the Hammo TV wireless headphones by Noontec and what I discovered while testing is interesting. Definitely worth checking out! Manufacturer: Noontec Model: Hammo TV Full Specifications: source

Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones – Detailed Review

This is a detailed review of The Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones. Very good quality for a great price *EDIT * $99 Was a launch promo price, they actually retail at $149.99 which is still great value. They are bluetooth and wired closed back headphones with a very long battery life, stated at 50 hours. We […]

Photive BTH3 BT Headphones Introduction

Photive BTH3 BT Headphones Introduction Quality Of Sound Both of the Photive BTH3 and BTX6 take advantage of 40 millimeter drivers, though listening for a matter of moments causes it to be clear that these do not utilize the same 40 mm drivers. The sonic signature of each and every pair of headphones is a […]