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PCB Board Fabricating Company in Romania

Mibatron SRL is a Romanian Firm focused upon PCB Board assembly, providing Programmed PCB Board Assembly, both Surface mount(SMT) and Through Hole technology(THT). Mibatron Electronics makes a speciality of providing low-to-medium volume Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for firms operating in a range of high technology and high reliability industries. Our specialty include the supply of Multi-Layer PCB’s (up to 10 layers), double and single sided PCB’s.


Since the year 1993 we have been active in the PCB Board assemblies for a few of the most demanding clients, operating in a niche, excellent quality and high reliability markets.

At this time Mibatron is a middle-sized Electronic Contract Manufacturing company dedicated to PCB Board assemblies for industrial, medical-related and telecom applications. Our team-based program management model is structured to go beyond our buyers’ targets by providing amazing manufacturing services and solutions.


A quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008 and making use of workmanship standards to IPC-A-610D.


Mibatron is devoted to providing quality services and products that Go higher than our Clients’ Anticipation

Reach Out to Us

S.C.Mibatron S.R.L.

Heliade Intre Vii Street 8, code 023383
Bucharest – Romania
Telephone Number: +40 314 056 623
Facsimile: +40 314 056 622
Mobile: +40 722 409 070
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