This is our introductory video. This Youtube commercial will help to introduce our company to you.

We manufacturer High-bright displays for high ambient light applications, such as outdoors or brightly lit areas, that require the use of a screen with a brighter backlight.

Touch screen LCD displays and easy to use technology combined with integrated storage devices, that we manufacture, have enabled a wide variety of content to be applied to shelf-edge monitors, kiosks, point of sale displays (POS), digital advertising opportunities.

Our flat panel display products include open frame lcd modules and LCD displays for kiosk and POS applications, as well as, internet upgradable media players enabling remote updates.

We can customize your order to fit a variety of envirnoments and to fit your installation requirements. We provide displays that can be Wall-mounted, Ceiling-mounted, or enclosed in a Kiosk. caters to POP Display Manufacturers, Digital Signage Integrators and In-Store Marketing Firms by offering customizations to most of our solutions to the meet OEM requests. In addition, offers solutions to meet the needs of businesses in the cosmetic and cosmetology industry, retail industries, Tech industry, and a variety of manufacturers. welcomes Volume Orders and small orders.

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