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JJS Highlights Necessity for Baking Prior to flexible Printed Circuit Assembly

UK-based JJS Manufacturing is an EMS enterprise which focuses on end-to-end procurement, manufacture (Circuit Card assembly, box build, cabinet, electro-mechanical) and supply chain solutions. The company supplies complicated, greatly configurable, low-to-medium-volume industrial electronics products across lots of market sectors like industrial automation, process control, test and measurement, and laboratory technology.

Editor Stephen Las Marias spoke with Russell Poppe, manager of technology, on the difficulties of addressing flexible circuit assemblies and provides techniques to deal with them.

Stephen Las Marias: From your experience, what are the primary concerns in flexible circuit assembly?

Russell Poppe: From an assembly angle, baking the flexible circuits ahead of manufacturing assembly is critical as they can be susceptible to delamination. However, baking any Circuit Card before manufacturing is most effective practice and some thing we consistently do at JJS.

One of the primary concerns in flexible circuit assembly is making certain the circuits remain flat, especially through the printing and pick-and-place operations. The parts of the circuit demanding SMT placement ought to have an FR-4 stiffener designed in underneath; but it’s also important to work with the Circuit Card provider at first. Getting the panelization right is necessary so that the boards don’t bend when the parts are put or when they move through reflow. Panel design is usually a difficult task as flexible circuits are usually odd shapes! It may also be vital to have a custom carrier or pallet to hold the flexible circuits in place during the entire process; still, these carry extra costs-generally a few hundred pounds each.

Gather more information from JJS Manufacturing Russell Poppe smt.iconnect007.com/index.php/article/103844/jjs-stresses-need-for-baking-prior-to-flex-circuit-assembly/103847/?skin=smt

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