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Printed Circuit Board Company in Romania

Mibatron SRL is a Romanian Business specializing in Printed Circuit Board assembly, offering Programmed Printed Circuit Board Assembly, both Surface mount(SMT) and Through Hole technology(THT). Mibatron Electronics makes a speciality of supplying low-to-medium volume Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for companies operating in a variety of high technology and high reliability industries. Our specialization consist of the supply of Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards (as many as 10 layers), double and single sided PCB’s.

Historical past

Since 1993 we’ve been working in the Printed Circuit Board assemblies for several of the most requiring clients, operating in a niche, excellent and high reliability industrial sectors.

Now Mibatron is a middle-sized Electronic Contract Producer focused upon Printed Circuit Board assemblies for industrial, healthcare and telecom applications. Our team-based program management model is structured to extend past our buyers’ anticipations by delivering outstanding manufacturing services and solutions.


A quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008 and utilizing craftsmanship standards to IPC-A-610D.


Mibatron is invested in delivering quality services and products that Go above and beyond our Shoppers’ Anticipation

Find Us

S.C.Mibatron S.R.L.

Heliade Intre Vii Street 8, code 023383
Bucharest – Romania
Telphone: +40 314 056 623
Telecopie: +40 314 056 622
Phone Number: +40 722 409 070
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