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EasyEDA is Excited About New Technology

We are manufacturers, hackers and technicians. When we wished to design and develop several hardware three years ago, we invested several weeks attempting to locate the perfect programs. We needed schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout nevertheless we wanted it not to be exclusively for windows and we didn’t enjoy the idea of having to spend a bundle to grab a massive software suite and then put in a few months studying to benefit from it.

Our target is to facilitate designers move on from ideas to produced prototype more quickly by offering detailed information and facts and cooperation programs for electronic design. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast looking to test your first project or a seasoned technician wanting a yield skyrocket, our goal is to get rid of the tedium in moving a design to life. We would want to hear what you’re working with or any recommendations on how we can help you, for that reason go ahead and email us.

To be brief, EasyEDA will offer you with a lot easier EDA experience, making it possible to indulge in more of the voyage from a thought to a product.

Business Line And Pricing

There are no totally free business models; EasyEDA has to backup itself and as a result it will have to take care of the staff members likewise.

Doing this to present you with a disruptive innovation, we offer a great free web based EDA software application, however , we hope to earn cash from other services, such as providing PCB sales, PCB assy, advertisements and special project reviews by our competent electronics engineers.

Feel free to use EasyEDA, we insure EasyEDA’s root features are cost-free to each one.


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